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I’m running for the Minnesota House of Representatives because I am proud to live in Minnesota. We have a great state and a great community of people. I want this greatness to continue, to grow stronger and to become a beacon of strength for America. I want to do my share of the work and serve this district. Running for the House of Representatives is an important part of my willingness to work hard, work smart and work together with District 33A for our wonderful state of Minnesota.


My career over the last 30 years has focused on healthcare, pharmacy, building Minnesota-based businesses and helping to shape healthcare nationally. I have successfully blended career and family, because of Minnesota. The Minnesota educational system gave me the tools to be an entrepreneur, educated my children to be successful in their careers and is poised to give my grandchildren continued success. Minnesota helped make me a great leader. I want to ensure this opportunity exists for future generations. I know that there are no magic answers to complex problems. Getting things done is about hard work, smart thinking and most importantly working together. That is my intent and my goal.  I look forward to your support!



I will support Minnesota’s business sector. I will support programs to reduce fraud and waste. My extensive knowledge of pharmacy will be leveraged to fight opioid addiction and improve our use of medications.


Pre-K education is a valuable resource for our children and families, and reading is a #1 priority for education.


I’m not about party line voting-I’m about doing what makes sense for Minnesota


Norrie Thomas
For House of Representatives
District 33A


DFL Endorsed

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