I am the DFL-endorsed candidate for the Minnesota House of Representatives in district 33A. I’m running because I want to work hard and serve this district that I love. My career over the last 30 years has focused on health care, pharmacy, building businesses and helping to shape health care nationally.

Our Minnesota educational system gave me the tools to become an entrepreneur and build businesses that thrived. I want to ensure this opportunity exists for future generations because I imagine a better Minnesota where our children are ready to take on the jobs of their dreams.

I know that there are no magic answers to complex problems. Getting things done is about hard work, smart thinking and most importantly working together. That is my intent and my goal. I look forward to your support!


Platform: I intend to focus on issues directly related to the health of Minnesotans:

Opioid Epidemic

The opioid epidemic affects all of us — Democrats, Republicans, young, and old. Attorney General Lori Swanson has proposed legislation that will tax pharmaceutical companies one penny for every morphine equivalent in their medications dispensed in Minnesota. The penny-a-pill proposal will generate about $20 million for Minnesota. That money will be used to provide first responders with medication to reverse overdoses and to create services to help addicted Minnesotans return to a productive life. I will work hard to support Attorney General Swanson’s proposal, and I will use my knowledge and expertise in pharmaceuticals to fight the barriers presented by insurers, pharmaceutical companies, and others. I will make it a top priority to see that we deal with this deadly epidemic that is seeping into every part of our state.

Gun Safety

Students need to know that we believe safety from violence in schools is our job. And teachers need our help and support.

Arming teachers is not the way forward.

I support universal background checks. I support having mental health professionals and anti-bullying programs in all public schools. I support the repeal of the Dickey Amendment, so we can accurately measure the impact of gun violence on our society. And I support campaign finance reform to stop powerful lobbying groups like the NRA from having so much sway over our elected officials that we can’t keep our children and families safe from gun violence.

Health Care

I support Governor Dayton’s Minnesota Care Buy-In proposal, which would allow any Minnesotan to sign up for the state-sponsored health care plan. This would bring relief to people who face double-digit insurance increases and limited insurance options. I want to fight to give Minnesotans this option so we can give them more power over their health care decisions.

I’ve also discussed ideas with Representative Erin Murphy about expanding Minnesota Care and Medicaid to create a larger buying group for pharmaceuticals — getting rid of expensive middlemen, and giving the state more bargaining power against the onslaught of increasing premiums.